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Optical Coherence Tomography Challenge


Summer Workshops 2020


-Holding The First Biomedical Engineering Workshop in Isfahan (summer 2019)


- The First Workshop On Introduction to Stem Cells Tracking Methods

Part1           Part2          Part3


  Workshop On Introduction to PowerLab


- Workshop On Introduction to BEAMnrc Software for Simulation of Linear Accelators in Radiograp


- Breast Thermography Workshop


An Introduction to Fractal Analysis and Its Application to Thermography Images


Workshop On Introduction to Image Processing Active Research Areas


The First Workshop On Introduction to Patent and Intelectual Property and Commercialization of Knowledge Based Ideas


- "Dr.Peikari Lecture on " Characterization of Ultrasound Elevation Beamwidth Artefacts for Brachytherapy Needle Insertion

  Part3         Part2         Part1


Dr.Alireza vard Lecture on Introduction to Image Segmentation Using Active Contours Models



- Dr. Mirbagheri's meeting from MC.Gill University

Dr. Shafee's meeting from Harvard University

- Optic In Medicin Seminar