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Dr. Shafee's meeting from Harvard University

Dr. Hadi Shafiei, an Iranian researcher (graduate of Isfahan University of Technology), Harvard University, has succeeded in designing a microchip to identify and determine the number of AIDS viruses in patients. In 2012, he won an award from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for a small device that could detect the AIDS virus in a short time with low cost and ease of use. The existing methods are based on antibody reaction and require expensive devices and kits and trained personnel, while the method presented in this study is able to detect the virus in less than 10 minutes and at a cost of less than two dollars and requires Does not have specialized equipment and personnel. This device is able to connect to a mobile phone to send information to medical centers and physicians. This method could be the basis for building tools to identify and quantify other viruses, including hepatitis viruses.




Since Harvard University selects the 3 selected projects of the year every year and announces the winner according to the people's vote, so we invite all compatriots and Iranians around the world to support Dr. Hadi Shafiei and vote positively for his project. Make Iran and Iranians famous all over the world. Important when voting in the postal code field: Enter the phrase IRAN Compatriots can vote for Fighting HIV / AIDS- A Low Cost Flexible Microchip by visiting Dr. Hadi Shafiei was present at Isfahan University of Medical Sciences on Tuesday, 08/06/98 and gave a lecture on Hood research.