Postdoctoral Research Fellow and Researcher Fellow in Medical Image Analysis



Postdoctoral and Researcher positions are available at Medical Image and Signal Processing (MISP) research center, School of Advanced Technologies in Medicine, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran.

The subject of this research project is:

Design & Development of a Fully Automated CS-based Ocular OCT system

  • T1: CS-based Hardware/Software development of OCT (A-scan, B-scan, C-scan)
  • T2: Designing a combinatory method (DL-based, Statistical-based, Sparse representation-based) for classification of DR
  • T3: Modeling of ocular images using optimum basis functions (DL & MCA)

Prior experience with compressive sensing (hardware & software issues) and/or medical optics and/or advanced signal/image processing methods is strongly preferred.


  • Hardware design (mostly for T1)
  • Software design, programs studies and analyses. Uses advanced signal/image processing techniques to analyze and interpret data. (mostly for T2)
  • Writes and collaborates on grants and manuscripts and presents research at scientific conferences. (for T1&T2)
  • Provides specialized training and supervision of graduate and undergraduate level assistants. Coordinates data management ensuring data integrity and protocol compliance. (for T1&T2)
  • Manages compliance with human subject protocols. (for T1&T2)


The new member will be working with Dr. Hossein Rabbani, Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Isfahan University of Medical Sciences (,

Interested applicants should register at and they can send their CV to Dr. Hossein Rabbani at


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