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Voice Samples of Patients with Parkinson’s disease (spontaneous swallows in Parkinson’s disease)

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Data were collected from 34 subjects (19 males) who had Parkinson’s disease (PD) (age = 59.85 ± 11.46 years). They were referred for video fluoroscopy swallow study (VFSS) assessment as part of their routine medical care. Patients’ demographic data, including age, sex, time from commencement of disease, and the Hoehen and Yahr (HY) scale score showing PD stage, were collected via an informed interview. The study has been approved by the Biomedical Ethics Board of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences and all subjects or their legal guardian signed a consent form to participate in the experiments. Two tests were performed on each subject: sound recording and oropharyngeal videofluoroscopy. The two tests were performed independently, with the videofluoroscopy study used to validate which subjects suffered from aspiration in general.

Acoustic Recording Study: The acoustic recording was conducted in the fluoroscopy room, which was at 24 C and had indoor lighting. Ambient noise was minimized during the recordings. Swallowing sounds were recorded via microphone (C417 omnidirectional condenser lavalier microphone, AKG Acoustics, Austria) connected to a portable digital sound recorder (Edirol R-44, Japan).The microphone was fixed at the center of a 1.5-cm-diameter rubber piece. The rubber piece was attached to the skin surface using double-sided adhesive tape. The recorder amplified and digitized the sound signal at a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz. The microphone was placed over the laryngopharynx for 15 min while the subject was in a seated position and watched a nature movie. Spontaneous swallows that were registered were innate saliva swallows and no food was used in this test. The number of swallows that each subject performed varied within the 15-min period. All data recordings were carried out by a speech language pathologist (SLP) and a biomedical engineer.

If you use these data please cite the following paper:
Golabbakhsh, M., Rajaei, A., Derakhshan, M., Sadri, S., Taheri, M., & Adibi, P. (2014).Automated acoustic analysis in detection of spontaneous swallows in Parkinson’s disease. Dysphagia, 29(5), 572–577.