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Introduction to Machine Learning Using Python Programming



Supervised Learning
Unsupervised Learning
Feature Engineering
Model Evaluation and Improvment



Dr.Reza Rasti

Graduate of PhD in Bioelectrical Medical Engineering from Isfahan University of Medical Sciences - Postdoctoral fellow from Duke University, USA in the field of deep learning and predictive systems in medical image processing - Postdoctoral Fellowship of the National Elite Foundation in the field of machine learning and deep learning CAD.


Dr.Fariba Shaker

PhD in Computer Engineering - Artificial Intelligence from the University of Isfahan. Two study opportunities and a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Toronto. Several years of teaching experience in undergraduate and graduate courses at the University of Isfahan. History of deep learning workshop at the University of Isfahan.


Dr.Ehsan Golkar

PhD in Medical Imaging from the National University of Malaysia, two postdoctoral courses in Strasbourg, France and Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, member of the National Elite Foundation, field of medical image processing.



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Participants can download and install Python software distribution from this link.

From the Anaconda Installers section, install the appropriate version according to their operating system.