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This dataset contains 260 CT and 202 MR images in DICOM format used for dual and blind watermarking of medical images in the contourlet domain.

Medical images in digital form must be stored in a secured environment to preserve patient privacy. It is also important to detect modifications on the image. These objectives are obtained by watermarking in medical image. For this reason, we propose an adaptive dual watermarking scheme with different embedding strength in ROI and RONI. We embed watermark bits in singular value vectors of the embedded blocks within lowpass subband in contourlet domain.
The proposed contourlet-based watermarking algorithm uses an automatically selection for ROI and embeds the watermark in the singular values of contourlet subbands that makes the algorithm more efficient, and robust against noise attacks than other transform domains. The embedded watermark bits can be extracted without the original image, the proposed method has high PSNR and SSIM, and the watermarked image has high transparency and can still conform to the DICOM format.

Please reference the following paper if you would like to use any part of this dataset or method:
*** Rahimi, F., and Rabbani, H., A dual adaptive watermarking scheme in contourlet domain for DICOM images, Biomed. Eng. Online 10(53):1–18, 2011.

CT Images
MRI Images