Embedded World 2016

  • د, ۱۳۹۴/۱۱/۲۶ - ۱۳:۱۸
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Increasing semiconductor design and manufacturing costs are causing processor and digital signal processing (DSP) roadmaps to consolidate, have limited perspective, and be subjected to sudden changes.‎ Come to the Altera stand to find out how our comprehensive roadmap for SoC FPGA ARM devices is leading the industry.‎ Learn how you can differentiate your products using SoC FPGAs, and find out how their architecture can bring essential benefits to your application regardless of which market area you are in.‎




Over 1,000 customers are benefiting from SoC FPGAs today so come and meet the experts at the Altera stand to discuss your application and what Altera can offer to improve your products - or just come along to get an update on the latest developments and see what amazing things can be achieved with FPGAs or SoCs.‎

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Altera Technology Demonstrations

At Hall 5 stand 280, we will showcase:

  • Smart Factory for Industry 4.‎0 PLC/OPC:
    Created by Altera partner Exor, the Smart Factory for Industry 4.‎0 demo is enabled  for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and powered by Altera Cyclone V SoCs.‎ It is a system on module (SoM) board-based, single chip  programmable logic controllers (PLC) with a human machine interface (HMI) device.‎ Multiple single-chip high-end programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are linked via a Time Sensitive Network (802.‎1 TSN) IP from TTTech and a variety of real-time Industrial Ethernet interfaces, secure system communication is achieved using the enterprise over OPC Unified Architecture ‪(OPC UA - an industrial M2M communication protocol for interoperability developed by the OPC Foundation)‬.‎

  • SIL3 functional safety solutions and IP: 
    This demonstration shows how partner NewTec’s SafeFlex Functional Safety Development Kit and YOGITECH’s fRSmartComp_nios2 IP for Nios II processor Lockstep solutions can be used to quickly create FPGA-based  IEC 61508 and ISO 26262 standards safety compliant systems for industrial and automotive applications.‎
  • Compact multi-axis motor control with MAX 10 FPGA: 
    In this demonstration a low-cost MAX 10 device is used  to support digital encoder interfaces and drive two brushless DC motors, demonstrating the capacity and advanced capability of these low-cost devices.‎
  • Real-time optical character recognition: 
    The demonstration uses a low-cost machine vision camera connected directly to an Altera SoC, a custom interface IP (developed by partner Sensor to Image) is used to receive the data, process it and pipe it directly into memory in a format that it is directly accessible by Linux video applications running on the ARM processor;‎ the image is processed in software using the HALCON library to recognize hand-written characters.‎
  • Qt5.x/OpenGL ES 2.‎0/3.‎1 compliant graphics IP core: 
    The new OpenGL ES 2.‎0/3.‎1 compliant graphics IP core D/AVE NX (from partner TES Electronic Solutions GmbH) enables modern HMI frameworks such as Qt (5.x), WebGL (HTML5), and Android on Altera Cyclone V, Arria 10, and Stratix 10 SoCs.‎ This demonstration combines a Qt user interface with a native OpenGL ES 2.‎0 graphics application to preview D/AVE NX capabilities and Qt system solution.‎
  • Vision processing and analytics: 
    Using a convolutional neural network (developed using OpenCL™ by partner i-Abra) this demonstration shows how SoC FPGAs can be used to implement high-performance advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) that recognize complex objects (e.g.‎ pedestrians, road signs, etc.‎) in streaming video;‎ this technology can also be adopted for other types of advanced video analytics applications.‎


Altera at Embedded World

Altera is now part of Intel, and we will also be showing a video analytics demonstration at the Intel stand in Hall 1, stand 338.
Combining video analytics technology from our partner Eutecus, Inc.‎ with stereo vision technology from our partner Fujisoft, Inc.‎, this demonstration shows high-performance object detection/tracking in a small, low power Altera Cyclone V SoC-based system for Automotive ADAS and Smart City applications, such as intelligent lighting, traffic monitoring, and parking monitoring.‎ 

Also at the MathWorks ‪(Hall 4, stand 110)‬ stand there will be a demonstration of how you can prototype SoC-based motor controllers with MATLAB, Simulink, and the Altera Drive-on-a-Chip reference design.‎ Using model-based design for Altera SoCs enables you to develop control algorithms, simulate overall system performance, generate algorithmic C and HDL code from models, and easily integrate them with the Altera reference design for prototyping in hardware.‎  

There will also be Altera demonstrations at the EBV ‪(Hall 5, stand 278)‬ and Arrow ‪(Hall 5, stand 258)‬ stands.‎

Dr.‎ Riccardo Mariani and Dr.‎ Michele Borgatti from YOGITECH will be presenting a conference paper on functional safety with multicore systems on Wednesday 24th of February at 16:00 - 16:30 in Session 22, title: Providing Functional Safety and Security for Multicore Systems; but if you cannot attend their presentation, please visit YOGITECH on the Altera stand to discuss their paper.‎ 

Event Details

Embedded World in Nürnberg is the embedded industry’s most important European exhibition and conference.‎ The 2015 exhibition had over 25,000 visitors and over 900 exhibitors showing a wide range of products across the entire spectrum of embedded technologies.‎

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