Become an FPGA Designer in 4 Hours

  • چ, ۱۳۹۴/۰۴/۳۱ - ۰۸:۴۰
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Course Description

This course gives you basic skills to design with Altera FPGAs.‎ The course uses lecture, demonstrations & labs that is completed in 4 hours.‎ Learn architectural features of Altera devices & how the Quartus® II software works.‎ 6 labs will train you to

Set up a design project

Set assignments and compile a design

Perform Timing Analysis

Perform Power Analysis

Download your design to hardware

Debug your design with the SignalTap II Logic Analyzer

The course is most beneficial using the Cyclone® V GX Starter Kit from Terasic or the BeMicro MAX 10 Kit from Arrow Electronics.‎ Consult the Terasic or Arrow Electronics websites for details on these kits.‎ If you choose not to purchase a kit, you can complete all of the labs except Design Download & Debug.‎

At Course Completion You will be able to

Describe the features that make up modern FPGA devices

Use many of the common features of the Quartus II design software including IP Generation, I/O Assignments, Compilation, Timing Analysis, Power Analysis, Design Download and Design Debug

Understand how to generate timing constraints for synchronous and asynchronous based systems

Download a completed design from your PC to a development kit

Use the SignalTap II Logic Analyzer to debug your design


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