CUDA GPU Solution drastically increases performance of cameras

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astvideo Image Processing SDK

Fastvideo company has designed high performance SDK for image processing on GPU.

This SDK corresponds to standard image processing pipeline for camera applications.‎

It covers all image processing stages starting from raw image acquisition from a camera to jpeg compression with storage to RAM or HDD.‎

All image processing is done on GPU and this leads to exceptionally high performance.‎

Possible are also high speed imaging SDKs for non-camera applications.‎


CUDA image processing SDKImage Processing SDK Features



Image acquisition module from a camera

GPU Direct option to get images on GPU from a camera

Unpacking module for various raw formats

Dark frame subtraction (FPN)

Flat-Field Correction ‪(Shading Correction)‬

WB ‪(White Balance)‬

Bad pixel removal

High quality debayer

Image tiling

Pyramid images

Output LUT

Gamma transform

OpenGL output

JPEG compression and decompression

MJPEG integration with FFMPEG


Also in development a software for the latest GPUs and utilization of new image processing algorithms to get high image quality and excellent performance.‎

Fast compression and realtime image processing on GPU is a popular and growing demand in modern industries.‎ Indeed, high framerate cameras, real-time video surveillance systems, heavy-loaded web services and medical equipment often require zero tolerance to delays due to image processing.‎ And this is where the image compression or image processing speed can become a serious bottleneck.‎

Comparing with classic CPU solutions, Fastvideo's GPU algorithms demonstrate 10-30 times performance speed up retaining the same or even better quality of the output and minimizing the host processor workload.‎



OS Windows-7/8 (32/64)‎ and Linux (32/64)‎

NVIDIA GPUs (Fermi and Kepler) for laptop, desktop, server

Sample projects for MSVC ۲۰۱۰ and gcc

Custom Image Processing SDK for NVIDIA GPUs


Wide range offering of integration services to connect your software with Fastvideo's image processing SDK.‎

To achieve high performance on GPU for specific imaging applications, Fastvideo is also developing custom SDKs according to agreed specification.‎

If you can't find above your image processing pipeline, get in touch to discuss that possibility.‎

You can also have a look at our projects in development.‎


About Fastvideo

Fastvideo team consists of experienced and highly dedicated professionals focused on image processing using GPU parallel computations.‎ Our technologies show unmatched performance in image compression and decompression, demosaicing, encoding and decoding of video streams in high speed imaging.‎

By applying the proven NVIDIA CUDA parallel processing technology, we have managed to achieve extremely high performance of our algorithms on GPU. Our crown jewels are the fastest JPEG codec and demosaicing software.‎ Thanks to ingenious implementation and optimization, our software runs faster than any analogs, and execution on the GPU makes CPU available for other tasks while providing exhilarating boost in processing speed.‎ More on Fastvideo